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Had I known how much needed to be Fixed on that 1993 F-150 4x4 I would have never traded my 289 HO hotrod for it! A new sticker on it, but needed all the brakes fixed, springs, wheel cylinders, lines, all 4 shocks, clutch etc., "You stuck it to me Good..

didn't Ya!" "Well, I Hope whoever lives around You Reads This!" So, they don't get "Stuck" with one of your "Lemons" again! You get these "Lemons" through an Auction..as is.. condition!!

@ $500.00 a POP! Then put a "Funny Sticker" then..Heres the next "Sucker!"

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Man, Its hard to order the correct parts you need on-line! I buy my parts COD from CA, by cash or money order, to locate the "Right" part is "near impossible" for Older Cars & Trucks!

And, same for sites to buy "Used Cars & Trucks" you only go back 10 years! I need an electronic distributor 1 wire for a 1961 Chevy PU 261 6 cyl. that is most likely to be a GM 1974 First Made Type of I series, my distributor the screw won't come out!

And, I need new points! Starts up when it "Wants To!"

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